This version of the demo is embedded into the webpage, for you folks with Linux or who have had problems with the downloadable version! It should work fine, but please let us know if there are problems!

Bugs and Kisses is a visual novel about humor and warmth in a tiny world. This is the demo: a complete, standalone short story featuring some key members of the cast!

Explore the world of Bugs and Kisses in Acorn Academy through the eyes of the protagonist-- You! Meet four of the main cast members set to appear in the final game, which is due to be crowdfunded through Kickstarter in Summer 2017. This is a taste to get you excited about our world and characters!

This demo is a month's worth of dedicated work from Co-creators Esabelle Ryngin and Aliza Layne, with music by composer Eden Evelyn Rosalina as well as tracks by Kevin MacLeod, provided through the Free Music Archive.

This demo was put together on Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Studio with no prior coding knowledge in part as an Independent Study project exploring new interactive media as a means of entomological outreach, but we're also a queer buggy love team just itching for an excuse to work on this project!


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nice game!

I was so sorry to hear that development stopped on this game but I just wanted to leave a comment to say thank you. It was a wonderful experience that I'll treasure forever.

This is so cute. The designs are phenomenal and the characters are quirky and lovable. Seriously, can't get over how beautiful these character designs are. *O*


I love this! Can't wait to see more!