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Question! Im play in this game, and i want more of this cute bugs.
But! I dont find any kikcstarter or twitter. 
Finally. Now is 2021, and, should i waite the game? Or no? 

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So, what is happening with this game? The Twitter is no longer up and I can't find the crowdfunding page to find any updates. It's been almost 2 years since this page has been updated. Is it safe to assume that this has been abandoned?

I'm not the game creator but I've read elsewhere that it has. 

Thanks for letting me know!

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This was soo much fun. Awaiting the full release. My stream had a good time too

rosalie is now my number 1 waifu.. is it ok if i post fanart in my instagram of rosalie UwU?

I absolutely loved playing this! I also made a video for it:

I'm dying of cuteness overload! I can't wait for the full version! 

Is there a way for me to send fanarts because gosh hECKin darn this is the cutest thing I've ever played in my life hhhHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

so cute!

The art is beautiful and I love the sailor moon references. :D

This is adorable! The designs are so charming, I can't wait to see more of it!

Me: "Blegh, bugs can't be cute. No way."

*Ping* (Biggest cutest eyes)

Me: "Oh..."

I can't wait to play more of this! It was so super cute!

My goodness this was cute! Thank you for all the hard work you all put into it, I'm excited to see what you can do for the full game!

Thanks so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the very contents of our little tube hearts. <3

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That was beautiful and cute and entertaining, I hope to see more in the future!! I love all the main characters, but the moths especially!!! So floofy and pretty! QoQ

And I learned some new things about bugs that I didn't know from watching nature shows, lol. ^-^

Hope to hear about an official release one day, or at least a Kickstarter or something for it! I'll keep an eye out for any new links! <3

We hope to launch a kickstarter campaign in July/August of 2017! Keep an eye (or five) out for us!

I'm so glad I haven't logged in for a while, now I don't feel like I'll be waiting as long to hop on the Kickstarter train!! >w< <3

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Wow, the art in this was stunning. The story was good enough for me to play through the whole thing in one sitting! All the characters were as lovable as can be. The bug facts were very interesting, btw.

a friend played this and it was absolutely adorable! (and informative)

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I've loved bugs my whole life, now I get to date them! Is there an estimated release date yet? And will the final product be free or bought?

As one of the creators is a full-time student graduating college this coming winter, it's difficult to promise a release date sooner than 2018. This demo is self-contained and a story on its own, and only a few of the resources can be re-used for the full game due to size restrictions, so we're basically starting from scratch again. However, if we do well enough on our crowdfunding campaign in the summer, we'll be able to work on the game part to full-time to bring you the game faster and more robust than before!

The final product will be available for purchase, but we wanted everyone to be able to play the demo and get a taste of what we can do!

So beautiful/adorable/educational!! I love it ;A;

who needs a valentine when i have this? i'm honestly so happy this game exists. i can't wait for the full release and i'm so happy you released a public demo! im also thankful that the team is is obviously in love with the characters... it really shows. thank you for the game;;


; w; Thank you so much! What a sweet comment. We love our characters so much, and we're happy you do too!

This is such a good game! Hazel is my favorite so far.. I hope you continue the development and I will continue to support it!

this is ludicrously cute! i love the moth girl

Thank you so much!! Rosalie is an utter delight. Everyone on the team absolutely adores her and put a lot of work into making her the best she can be!

Hi, this was such a cute game! I'm a super small channel, but wound up doing a let's play bc it was pretty fun to go through. Can't wait until I can play the full thing!

Link to the video:


We watched your video and are so flattered and happy that you had fun playing! We just fixed the script errors you caught, which was a total lifesaver!! We hope you'll keep an eye on us for when the full game comes out, too!

I'm so glad you watched it, thanks so much! I definitely will play the full thing when it comes out, the game was too cute and heartwarming not to! (Also, loving the inclusivity!!)

earnest, adorable, and surprisingly informative???? wholesome. amazing. adorable. did i say wholesome? thank u for this it made my night

Thank you so much!! We worked really hard making a story and game we were very proud of. Your smile is a perfect Valentine's Day Git for us!

PS: You're welcome! Co-creator Esabelle Ryngin is an entomologist and science cartoonist who can't resist teaching about how cool insects are!